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Blue Lamp Afloat

We can deliver a wide range of RYA practical and theory courses designed to meet the individual needs of our customers all from our facilities here in Central London. We pride ourselves on our personal approach to training our clients.


Seavoice Training

Learn from the experts, we are ex Coastguard and present day serving Lifeboat crew with over 20 years experience at the sharp end of search & rescue communications. 


Premier Sailing

RYA courses, adventure sailing and yacht charter in the south-east and across Europe


Visit Guernsey

Discover That Island Feeling

You've found The Islands of Guernsey!

Each of the five naturally beautiful Islands has its own distinct character, landscape and identity. 

So breathe deeply and start to relax - we know that you will love


St Katharine Docks

A prestigious landmark with rich history, eye-catching innovation, and huge excitement. A thriving home for communities and businesses; St Katharine Docks is as vibrant as it is welcoming.



With your support, we save lives at sea

You can help save lives and make our waters safer for everyone. From shopping to volunteering, there are so many ways you can get involved.

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